Remarkable success once more! Belief BioMed won the award of "the 10th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Excellent Enterprise"


Recently, the 10th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition biomedical National Competition was successfully held in Hangzhou. Shanghai Belief-Delivery BioMed Co.,Ltd. (a subsidiary of Belief Biomed) took part in the national competition on behalf of Shanghai enterprises as the top three in Shanghai competition area, and won the award of "Excellent Enterprise" with a high score of 90.05.



A total of 4,931 biomedical science and technology "stars" from all over the country participated in this year's innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, among which 340 enterprises were selected for the national biomedical competition after multiple rounds of selection from regional competitionsThe national Biomedical Competition is divided into 12 groups, each group was judged by 5 industry experts or investors, they carried out professional evaluation of the company from the technical, marketing, team, financial and other aspects. After fierce competition, 132 participating enterprises beat out and won the "Excellent Enterprise" award. The organizer of the competition issued certificates to the winners at the ceremony.



By 2021, China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has gone through 10 years. The competition takes the mission of discovering, cultivating and serving science and technology innovation enterprises, and is committed to promoting the convergence of various innovation factors to enterprises and enabling technological innovation of enterprises. After ten years of development, the competition has become a national innovation platform, and an ecological accelerating platform for the growth of science and technology innovation enterprises in the whole society. The 10th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is divided into seven categories including biomedicine, new-generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy, new energy vehicles and energy conservation and environmental protection. The Biomedicine National Competition is the first national competition of this year. All participating enterprises competed in different segmentation technologies and application scenarios at the same time. Through the "racetrack" of scientific and technological innovation, they learn from each other, complement each other and improve together.

The judge of the competition, HuaYao Capital chairman, Liu Liyong said: " The shortlisted companies' projects are highly innovative this year, from the perspective of capital market, we pay more attention to enterprise technology innovation, business model and corporate sustainability of future growth, etc., we are willing to provide strong support for the innovative development of biomedical enterprises”


“This is my sixth time as a judge of the National competition, This year's participating companies and projects are significantly stronger than previous ones, mainly reflected in that, first, tumor targeting drugs and advanced diagnosis and testing methods have basically entered the first tier of the world level, and second, the application of information technology such as AI technology conforms to the direction of future medical development." one of the judges in the competition's initial group said.


As a leading innovative pharmaceutical company, Belief BioMed integrates gene therapy, production platform and clinical technology. BBM has its own patents for a variety of AAV vectors, as well as dozens of new capsids with extremely specific tissue tropism. Its recombinant AAV packaging technology has been widely used in the field of AAV gene therapy. Additionally, the company has extremely rich research and development pipelines.


On August 6th, 2021, China’s National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) has cleared the IND (Investigational New Drug) application for Belief BioMed’s BBM-H901. This is the first IND approval for AAV gene therapy for Hemophilia in China, and the first intravenous infusion gene therapy for rare diseases in China.


"As a gene therapy startup, BBM has several global patents on high-efficiency expression  cassette, high specificity serotypes, manufacturing processes and applications. Persistence in innovation, development far ahead and rapid proceeding are the key successful factors for BBM to stand out from many excellent peers." Belief BioMed CEO Dr. Zheng Jing said.


In this competition, five evaluation experts gave highly appraised and fully recognized to BBM. They thought that BBM has rich pipelines of gene therapy drugs, good market prospects, and high quality clinical data for its participating projects. It’s hopeful in the near future patients will be able to get "one single treatment, long term benefit".


As the lead company of gene therapy in China, Belief Biomed is highly recognized in the industry and has won many honors recently. This award is the third honor for BBM in the past month, following the award of "TOP10 cell & gene therapy drug companies with the most development potential" in the third Asia biopharmaceutical innovation summit and the "2021 China bio-innovative drug with the most growth annual award" in the 2021 Shanghai (Minhang) bio-pharmaceutical industry innovation summit.



Belief BioMed sincerely thanks the recognition of the government leaders and experts in the industry, we will continue to meet the expectations, be driven by innovation, insist on the credo "In People, We believe", quickly proceed the transformation of the R&D pipelines to the clinical application, then benefit the global patients!