Belief BioMed Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Jane Zheng was Selected by Forbes as One of the "50 Chinese Women in Science and Technology"!


On the occasion of the 73rd International Children's Day, Forbes China has once again launched the "50 Women in Science and Technology in China" to pay tribute to "her power", which shines in the field of science and technology with her dedication.


What is the fastest growing and most powerful force in the world today? "Not emerging economies like China and India, but another group - women."


Statistics show that women currently make up less than 30 percent of the world's scientific research staff, especially at the top of the pyramid. Fortunately, times are changing and with the rise of her economy, tech women are increasingly at the forefront of their time. More and more technological innovation enterprises are led by women, and they are making full use of their talents in fields such as artificial intelligence, Internet, medicine and new energy, becoming the leader of The Times.


Forbes China has always focused on outstanding women in the field of science and technology, aiming to create a platform for them to show their outstanding achievements and talents, and encourage more women to participate in the innovation and development of science and technology. In 2022, Forbes China launched the "50 Women in Science and Technology in China" for the fourth consecutive year, once again identifying 50 outstanding women in science and technology in China, paying tribute to "her power", which shines in the field of science and technology with dedication.  


The average age of the tech women is 44, the oldest is 76 and the youngest is 32. In terms of educational background, 24% of the selected candidates have master's degrees, and about two-thirds have doctoral degrees. Nearly 40% of the selected candidates have overseas study experience. In terms of companies and institutions, super 8 have become local enterprises, and some of the selected candidates are working in Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University and other universities.


With the core of "daring to break through", they lead the technological breakthrough; Give full play to the wisdom and professionalism, chasing the trend of science and technology; With a unique perspective and innate empathy, she empowers technological innovation and is committed to ushering in the "hardcore era" for women.